Getting the smile of your life is more achievable than ever, thanks to our innovative, proven techniques and high-quality materials. All-on-4® is a medically advanced process that replaces your teeth using only four dental implants to support a new, beautiful smile. Best of all, you can have new teeth fitted within 24 hours of surgery, but often on the same day of your surgery, without the need for invasive and time-consuming bone grafts.

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1. Dr. Paulo Malo, “The Father of the All-on-4 technique”, paid a visit to Saigon Dental Hospital.

On October 23, 2022, Saigon Dental Hospital (the city’s first private rheumatology hospital) welcomed Prof. Paulo Malo, who proposed research and learning collaboration for mutual development in order to provide the most modern and advanced treatment services in implant, endodontics, prosthetics, and orthodontics. Gs.Bs. Paulo is also visiting Vietnam for the first time.

giáo sư Paulo Malo đến thăm Việt Nam

Dr.Paulo Malo is the “father” of the aforementioned All-on-4 Implant procedure, which allows patients who have lost teeth owing to bone insufficiency to still insert implants and repair restorations without the need for bone grafting. This reduces treatment costs and surgical time while providing teeth with considerably better chewing than detachable restorations. He is also a professor at several major universities throughout the world, holds numerous patents, and has published over 60 publications in top scientific journals.

During the visit, Dr. Paulo Malo expressed his interest and respect for the modern and well-organized Saigon Odonto-Stomatology Hospital after visiting the implant procedure, positive pressure operating room, sterile room, and modern implant support equipment such as an X-Guide implant locator, a film camera,…

2. A two-stage process to a confident new smile


The treatment is a revolutionary approach that offers a permanent solution to multiple missing teeth or as an alternative to dentures.

Unlike traditional dental restoration techniques like single-tooth implants, the treatment replaces all teeth on only four implants on the upper jaw and four on the lower jaw.

The Next Smile Australia Dental Implants treatment follows the only clinically proven Malo Protocol, a two-bridge process. During the first stage, you’ll receive your first set of teeth, a ‘provisional bridge’ that is left in for three to six months while your mouth heals. During stage two, you receive your permanent teeth and walk out of our clinic with your new, confident smile.

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The Benefits Of A All-on-4® Smile

No bone grafts

  • With only four implants in the upper and lower jaw for a complete dental restoration, you avoid invasive and painful bone grafting. This also means fewer appointments, lower costs and a high success rate. That’s something to smile about.

A proven 98% success rate*

  • All-on-4® delivers far superior results than older, more invasive methods. You’ll finish with a new set of teeth that function just like real ones and offer a natural look and feel. Clinical data over 25 years shows an impressive 98% success rate* for All-on-4® treatments.

Innovative techniques and advanced technology

  • All-on-4®, explained simply, is the most innovative and advanced and only clinically proven full-arch dental implant solution offered globally. The Malo Protocol used by Saigon Dental Hospital simplifies and shortens the entire process and requires fewer components. The sooner we can give you a smile you can be proud of, the sooner you can share it with the world.

3. Ready to write your next chapter in life?

When you change your smile, your life changes with it. All-on-4® has the power to kick-start a bold new chapter in your life, transforming your health, happiness and sense of well-being. Before you make this life-changing leap, learn more about the process and have All-on-4® explained to you by one of our experienced dentists.

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