Give a bright smile—Big Deal For 8/3

Dental implants can be reduced by up to 48 million VND

Consider a day when you eat better, there is no room for missing teeth, you smile with confidence, and your pronunciation is clear. Isn’t this the worst thing that could happen? Don’t pass up the opportunity to get dental implants at a low cost at Saigon Dental Hospital. Excellent gift for yourself or a loved one.

đăng kí ngay

Until recently, dental implants with implants were thought to be the best way to replace missing teeth. The doctor will utilize the implant post to replace the tooth root with this approach, restoring the teeth from chewing function to aesthetics while reducing bone loss, delivering you new, solid teeth, and accompanying you for several years. The 4 on All planting method, in particular, is appropriate for senior persons who have lost a lot of teeth, as it saves money by placing only 4-6 implant posts on the entire jaw.lose a lot of teeth, saving that cost by using only 4-6 implant posts on the whole jaw.

Braces are available for 33K

Braces should be used right away to correct crooked, misaligned, projecting, and underbite teeth. In addition to traditional braces, you can now have cosmetic braces with ceramic or clear braces on the inside. On the occasion of 8/3, we are offering a 20% discount immediately and giving away various parts and valuables.

Teeth whitening 50% off, free teeth whitening when bleaching in the room.

Are you afraid of pain when planting teeth?
There is a fix.

With the painless method of planting teeth at Saigon Dental Hospital, many customers have confirmed that they are not even aware that the doctor has finished the implant part because these operations are not as painful as you thought. In order to bring comfort to customers when using the service, we have now applied Dental Vibe technology to reduce pain during anesthesia for customers.

Thiết bị gây tê không đau

In addition, you can also use the pre-anesthetic dental implant service. After just a short nap, you have two new teeth without feeling pain or worry. This method is suitable for people who want to plant many teeth at the same time (this is a special method that is only licensed for use in hospitals).


Teacher Vu Thi Hong Hanh shares her feeling that planting teeth is painless

Accompanying more than 10,000 customers with braces


niềng răng khách hàng



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